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Candace Minifie

Owner and chief designer.

“Wherever I am is home.”

Meet Candace Minifie, the passionate entrepreneur, chief designer, and project manager behind New Nest.  Having grown up with the best that both country and city life had to offer, Candace is happy to have returned home to Cobourg - the town that still has her heart - with her family.

Citing her family as her greatest source of inspiration, Candace is passionate about how we make sense of and interact with our spaces.  A calm, grounded, and patient person by nature, she is committed to helping clients style their space to create the best version of home.


Having moved seven times in seven years, she understands the moving process intimately. The opportunity to accompany homeowners on that journey is one she does not take lightly, and is thrilled by the prospect of being able to help home owners get the most value out of their homes.

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